Clothes On the Bathroom Floor: Overlook A Fault

My husband has been leaving all his clothes on the bathroom floor lately. It drives me crazy. I seethe, I hold it in. I gripe about it in my mind. How can I get him to stop? Why does he does do this? What is causing this?

But then, something stops me. I look in the mirror. What do I see, but a slob looking back at me. I don’t leave clothes on the bathroom floor (often) but I do …

leave clothes on the bedroom floor

forget to do the dishes until they pile up on the counters

Neglect vacuuming until the dust bunnies are higher than the length of my skirt

And I then I see those proverbial four fingers pointing back at me, as I stand there accusing my husband in my mind. And wonder how I did not see them before. I pick up the clothes, quietly, and stop my inner grumbling. Yes, we both need to be better housekeepers, but I need to stop pointing at him in mind, but try to be a better example to him. And if that still doesn’t change things, maybe make a joke about it.

Benjamin Franklin said it is better to keep your eyes wide open before the marriage and half-open afterwards. What did he mean? Before we get married, we need to see our partner objectively, to see any possible future problems. But after … keeping a slightly blind eye lets us see our lover in the best possible light.  Just as we would hope him to do for us.


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