About Us

Are you in a sus on the beachecond marriage? If you are, I don’t have to tell you how hard it is. I know, because I’m in one, too. If you are struggling right now, please believe me that there is hope for things getting better.

Eight years ago, I became a stepmom to two boys, aged 11 and 13.  I had been divorced, after a very short-lived marriage at age 20. My husband was still hurting from the breakup of his marriage, several years earlier.

We somehow found the courage to start over, and give love another chance. Just to be clear, we met several years after both divorces, and neither one of had wanted to be divorced.

I will be fully honest. Our marriage was very volatile the first few years. We fought, misunderstood, yelled and ran out. I still feel bad that the kids witnessed us fighting. I had grown up with fighting in the home, and history was repeating itself.

It seemed hopeless but a wise couple set us up with an excellent counsellor who helped us save our marriage. This website, and upcoming book, is born out of a desire to help people struggling with the issues that come with remarriage.

We are both Christians, and so faith has been an important part of us learning how to be better partners to each other. We give credit to the LORD Jesus Christ for healing our marriage.

It is my hope and prayer that you will receive real encouragement and practical assistance for your own situation. Through our pain, I hope to give back to you.