A Guide to Second Marriage Video

This is a video I created several years ago, as a short video guide to second marriage.  The format involves animated character giving basic tips on making it in a second marriage, and is based on this article:  Guide To Second Marriage: How to Stay Together. I warn you that they kind of “talk funny” because it is these animated characters, but I still kind of like it! Have a look and let me know what you think.

Like I said,  this content is taken from my article A Guide to Second Marriage: How to Stay Together. This was one of the first articles I ever wrote online, and it still gets quite a few readers. This was an article that partly based in a desire to find some hope in my marriage, and try to see the positive things that we were doing.

Text Version of the Video

And in case you can’t listen to a video right now, or just prefer reading over watching, here are the main points made in the video:

Sometimes second marriages seem impossible, but here are four tips to help you, from a couple who have made it:

  1. Let go of the past. Forgive yourself, your spouse and your spouse’s ex-partner. By doing this, you can start creating better tomorrows.
  2. Put your spouse first.  Make your spouse first and include them in your decisions. Don’t allow anyone, including your children, to disrespect them.
  3. This is not the Brady Bunch. Let go of the ideal and be grateful for what you have. This is real life, not the Brady Bunch.
  4. Be patient.  It takes a long time for things to figure things out in a second marriage. Things are complicated, but be patient.

I would love to know how you like the video, and any other questions or comments you have about second marriage or this website. Please comment in the sections below.

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