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You Control the Climate in Your Home

As we speak, we are finally getting a winter storm coming to our home in the bush in Canada. We have had an unseasonably warm fall but finally, the rain and  snow are moving in. Noooo!

But on the bright side, the wood is all piled up for the winter. The leaves are all raked up and the woodstove is going nicely.  As Canadians, we pride ourselves on being ready for the harsh, uncontrollable weather of our Northern country but what if I told you there is a kind of climate we can control?

When I was training to be a teacher, one of my supervisors, tried to instill in us a very important point: we control the climate in the classroom. What she meant was that educators have the ability to set the tone and the mood within our little room in the school. Would our classroom be a place of peace or a place of bullying? As the adult in the room, we are the leaders that the students follow, as an example.

The same thing goes for our homes and our marriages. We set the climate in our home by our attitude, our actions and our words.  If we are in a stepfamily, we are influenced by the other home but we still get to set the thermostat in our homes.

How’s the climate in your part of the world? Has winter come  yet? But even more importantly, how is the climate in your home? Do you believe that you set the thermostat? Let me know in the comments below.

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