Stress, Yourself

Second Marriage Tip #1: Take Time For Yourself

Wow, life can be so stressful sometimes, can’t it? With all the complications, second marriages can be a pressure cooker for those involved. One way of helping to alleviate the pressure is to somehow, some way find time for yourself.  Take some time to remember who you are, besides being a stepmom, mom, wife and partner. Do something you enjoy, even if it is only once or twice a week.

During our second year of marriage, I was feeling intense pressure from stepfamily issues and also from arguing with my husband. I was in a new place, dealing with a new job. It felt completely overwhelming.

And during that time period, I started a new hobby called “polyvore.” I loved it! In case you have never heard of it, it involves creating collages online, either for fashion or art.  It was the type of activity that I could just get completely lost in. After awhile, I also started blogging, and writing became a big part of my life. And really, these things helped to save my sanity!

So, I encourage you find something that you like to do, apart from your spouse, and apart from the kids, and take time weekly to do it. You need this to remind you that you are more than the situation you are in right now. You are more than a stepparent feeling ignored, or a custodial parent missing their child. You are still you, in spite of your struggles right now!

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