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Types of Second Marriage

512px-Brady_Bunch_full_cast_1973This site is dedicated to helping people in second marriages.  I am in a second marriage, and chances are, you are too, if you are reading this blog. All of us deal with one primary issue: learning to live together and adjust in a newly formed family.

The last blog post talked about how second marriages are complicated. And there are several things that make it complicated, but some of our situations are more complicated than others.

In this post, I want to take some time to talk about the different types of second marriage that people enter into. What kind of second marriage you have, will determine your level of complication. Here are the four types of second marriage:

  1. Two partners, no kids. (TPNK): This is the simplest type of second marriage, and the one that has the least complications.
  2. One partner with kids (OPWK): This type of relationship means that the partner without kids, will becoming a parent for the first time, through marriage. It is much more complicated than the TPNK marriage, and contact with the mother or father of the kids will be necessary on a on-going basis, until the children are adults, unless the other parent has passed away. `This is the kind of marriage that I entered to eight years ago.
  3. Two partners with kids (TPWK):  This is the most complex of all situations. As a child of the 70’s, the most famous stepfamily for us was the Brady Bunch. You may recall, how Mike and Carol joined their lives, along with their six kids into one big, pretty chaotic household.  In the TPWK, children must adjust to other children, on top of dealing with a new parent.

So, what kind of second marriage are you in? Please fill in the question below to give your input.

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